SQP1 – Trusses

This standard applies to the supply and use of trusses and constructions made from trusses in event engineering.

SQ Standards are intended to define the quality levels required of services provided within the event technology industry.

SQ Standards take into consideration current legal positions and on that basis provide a description of the industry’s specialised working procedures. They contain a summary of the applicable legal norms and requirements in areas of industrial safety and health protection.

This Quality Standard has been developed by the responsible working group of the IGVW (Entertainment Technology Industry Association) in cooperation with the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) and the working group of the safety engineers from the German public broadcasting organisations: ARD.ZDF medienakademie, ARTE, BR, Bavaria, DR, DW, HR, IRT, MDR, NDR, ORF, RB, RBB, RBT, RTL, SF, SR, Studio Hamburg, SWR, WDR and ZDF.